Bully Pizzle 24cm

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29 in stock


Bully Pizzle 24cm : WHAT IS A PIZZLE?

Bully Pizzle sticks for dogs are full of flavour and loved by dogs. They’re natural treats but just what is a pizzle? We all want to get the best treats for our dogs. Not just ones that are healthy and safe but ones that they will find super tasty and keep them busy.

Also called Bully Sticks, Pizzles are a high delicious dog treat so you should you get one for your pet?

Pizzle sticks for dogs are a firm favourite for our furry friends as they are full of flavour and firm in texture. But if you’ve not come across Bull’s Pizzles before – or haven’t daren’t asked yourself before – then you might be wondering just what it is.

So, what is a pizzle? In short, a pizzle is a bull’s penis. Yes, you read that right. The word pizzle is actually a Middle English word for penis.

Whilst that might be enough to make you never consider buying one, there are plenty of reasons why dogs love them.

Ingredients: 100% Beef

Analytics: Protein 77.30%, Fat 12.47%, Moisture 8.10%, Ash 2.06%

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