Health benefits

It's important to choose the right treat

Dental Hygiene

Chewing on firm treats can help to prevent periodontal disease by aiding in the removal of plaque before mineralisation occurs.

Digestive System

Largely determined by the ingredients, as well as processing and amount fed, digestibility is highest for organ, muscle and offal meats. These products are suitable for young and older dogs as well as those new to eating natural treats.


Hypoallergenic means low-allergy-causing. Whilst there is no single set of agreed ingredients to avoid within the dog food industry, our products that are free from wheat, maize, dairy, soya and chicken are awarded our Hypoallergenic badge.

Joint Care

Around 1/5 dogs in the UK are affected by osteoarthritis. Compounds have been found to assist symptom management include, Omega-3, Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Turmeric.


Animal fur provides fibre that is poorly digested in the stomach, so as it travels through the intestines, it gently brushes the inner lining, aiding in physical worm removal. It is not 100% effective, so worm counts and treatments will still be required.

Skin & Coat Care

A dog's skin and coat is its largest organ, accounting for about 12% of their body weight, made up of around 95% protein, and accounts they use 35% of their daily protein intake on maintenance and growth. Treats high in protein, as well as beneficial omega 3, will benefit the skin and coat.

Features & Benefits

We offer a range of healthy options