Looking for a treat that’s bladder-licious? Beef Bladder Twists are made from only the finest 100% beef bladder, and are naturally air dried to give your dog the ultimate chewing satisfaction. Not only are they high in protein, but they’re also low in fat – perfect for those dogs on a diet. Plus, they’re rich in vitamins and minerals, so your furry friend can stay healthy while indulging in a tasty snack. It’s like a beefy balloon animal that’s actually good for you – now that’s some serious bladder power!

100% beef bladder
High in Protein
Low in Fat
Rich in vitamins and minerals
Free from Grain, Gluten, Preservatives & Additives
Gluten Free Treats
Analytics: Crude Protein: 56%, Crude Oils / Fats: 3%, Moisture: 5%, Crude Ash: 2%, Fibre: 0%

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